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Product Description

LunaGel™ Ultrapure GelMA (gelatin methacryloyl) is a highly purified photocrosslinkable extracellular matrix (ECM) based on Rousselot X-Pure® GelMA that allows unprecedented control over matrix porosity and stiffness in 3D cell culture applications. Researchers can replicate the physicochemical properties of a variety of healthy and diseased tissues in a simple 3D cell culture format, utilising this ultrapure, highly consistent ECM material. LunaGel™ Ultrapure GelMA ECM creates optically transparent hydrogels which are stable at room temperature and compatible with standard imaging systems and bioassays.


Endotoxins can cause strong inflammatory responses in immune cells such as macrophages, alter their interaction with other cell types, and negatively impact the reliability of therapeutic prediction in 3D cell culture applications. Overcoming this issue, X-Pure® GelMA possesses ultra-low impurity levels (Lipopolysaccharide content: < 10 EU/g) and excellent batch-to-batch consistency, providing a superior solution for sensitive 3d cell culture applications and translational research.


Viable cells, organoids, and spheroids cultured in gelatin based LunaGel™ photocrosslinkable extracellular matrix (ECMs) can be easily harvested using a LunaGel™ Cell Recovery Kit (SKU0015).


How LunaGel™  Photocrosslinkable Extracellular Matrix​ Works

LunaGel™ is supplied as a sterile solution with freeze-dried photoinitiator. Available as Low Stiffness (0 - 6.5 kPa) and High Stiffness kit (0 - 25 kPa). Reconstitute the photoinitiator in PBS, mix with LunaGel™ ECM and cells, and photocrosslink the solution using the  Luna Crosslinker™ to form 3D cell culture models. By controlling the duration of light exposure you can produce hydrogels with a specified stiffness. Add your favourite culture media and you're culturing in 3D!


View LunaGel™ Ultrapure GelMA Whitepaper here.

LunaGel™ Ultrapure GelMA Photocrosslinkable Extracellular Matrix

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