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Advanced Hydrogel Inks for 3D Biofabrication with LunaGel™

Advanced hydrogel inks for 3D biofabrication
Extrusion based printing of  LunaGel™ High Stiffness ECM

Bioprinting – the spatially controlled deposition of cells in so-called bioinks (hydrogels) using specialised 3D printing systems - is a hot topic in research. Bioprinting holds promise for the engineering of functional tissues and advanced 3D cell culture models. Below are some examples of LunaGel™ High Stiffness ECM used as a bioink.

Extrusion based printing of  LunaGel™ High Stiffness ECM

Bioprinting of LunaGel™ High Stiffness ECM


LunaGel™ was allowed to gelate at room temperature and extruded through a G20 needle using a Gesim BioScaffolder 3D bioprinting system. To demonstrate the capability of precise deposition of multiple cell types in one print, fluorescent beads of different colours were embedded in the LunaGel™ matrix.

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