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3D Tissue Culture


Because accurate research needs tissues, not just cells

Boost your studies with the power of 3D Tissue Culture

The LunaGel™ Photocrosslinking Technology enables you to create highly controlled 3D tissue culture models in a matter of minutes.
Reproducible, cost-effective, and highly predictive of human biology.

Gelomics LunaCrosslinker
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No more...

uncontrolled gelation

Join the cell biology revolution

Elevate your research. Stop culturing cells - grow tissues instead.

Still using conventional cell culture?

It's time to upgrade to LunaGel's physiologically relevant models. Our straightforward 4-step protocol simplifies the transition to 3D Tissue Culture and allows you to generate more meaningful results. 

How LunaGel works: 4-step protocol

LunaGel™ is so much better!


Prof. Molly Stevens

University of Oxford

“Our team has found the 3D cell culture products from Gelomics to be of very high quality and with excellent customer service"
Professor Molly Stevens, University of Oxford, testimonials for LunaGel

Prof. Gregory Monteith

The University of Queensland

"We have tried a variety of 3D cell culture systems and we have found the LunaGel™ system the most useful for our high throughput drug discovery methods.”
Professor Gregory Monteith, University of Queensland, testimonials for LunaGel
“The innovative products of Gelomics have an important role to play in the implementation of personalised medicine, providing well defined, low cost, representative environments for the propagation and testing of cancer cells.”

Prof. Rik Thompson

Queensland University of Technology

Professor Rik Thompson, Queensland University of Technology, testimonials for LunaGel
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Happy labs

3D Tissue Culture has never been more powerful. 

Browse through our application examples and see how LunaGel™ can empower your experiments - tailored just for you. 

Read our technical whitepaper for more application examples 

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