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We are pleased to announce our second live & on-demand webinar series “Gelatin-based Extracellular Matrices for 3D Cell Culture & Bioprinting”!  We are excited to welcome Professor Travis Klein and Dr. Khoon Lim.

Our goal is to bring people from different research fields together and provide an overview of the vast applications of gelatin-based extracellular matrices in cell culture and tissue engineering applications.

About The Speakers


Professor Travis Klein
Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Gelomics Pty Ltd

Professor Travis Klein is the Director of the Centre for Biomedical Technologies and the Leader of the Cartilage Regeneration Laboratory (CRL) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). As a Co-Founder of Gelomics, Travis has extensive experience with biomaterials, in particular photocrosslinkable hydrogels, and has been instrumental in the development of key technologies for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering.  

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Dr. Khoon Lim

University of Otago

Dr Khoon Lim is a biomedical engineer with specialization in polymer chemistry. His research focus is on adopting a class of polymers known as hydrogels as tissue engineering matrices for a variety of applications. His research technology platform involves photo-polymerizable hydrogel bioinks for 3D bioprinting of functional tissues and also delivery of bioactive molecules to promote tissue regeneration.