LunaGel™ is a photocrosslinkable extracellular matrix (ECM) based on chemically-modified pharmaceutical grade gelatin. The major components of LunaGel™ include the ECM proteins collagen type I, III, IV, and V, as well as connective tissue glycoproteins and proteoglycans. LunaGel™ retains the intrinsic cell-instructive bioactivity of natural ECMs facilitating cell attachment, proliferation, differentiation, migration, and proteolytic degradation. LunaGel™’s unique photocrosslinking technology allows unprecedented control over matrix porosity and stiffness, allowing researchers to replicate the physicochemical properties of a variety of healthy and diseased tissues in 3D cell culture applications.


LunaGel™ ECM has been successfully used in a wide range of applications including cell attachment and proliferation, stem cell culture and differentiation, mechanotransduction assays, cancer spheroid assays, angiogenesis assays, 3D bioprinting, tissue engineering, and more.


LunaGel - Photocrosslinkable Extracellular Matrix

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  • LunaGel is supplied sterile in a freeze-dried form with a blue light photoinitiator (LAP). Simply mix in your cells and PBS with LunaGel to acheive the desired concentration of cells and polymer, then crosslink with blue light from our Luna Crosslinker device to form 3D hydrogels. By controlling the amount of light exposure you can produce hydrogels with a specified stiffness. Add your favourite culture media and you're culturing in 3D!

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