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Pushing The Boundaries Of Biomedical Research | EOFY Sale 2022

Creating 3D cell culture models has never been simpler. No more working on ice, pipetting extremely viscous solutions, or non-reproducible properties. LunaGel™ ECMs offer consistent properties, from batch-to-batch, and the highest experimental control on the market.

LunaGel™ technology has been successfully used across many applications, including:

  • Spheroid assays

  • Cancer research and in vitro tumor models

  • Organoid culture

  • 3D cell culture

  • 3D bioprinting

  • Organ-on-a-chip applications

  • Tissue engineering (skin, cartilage, bone, …)

  • Toxicity assay

  • Vascularized tissue models

  • Personalised medicine

  • Organoid Culture

Enjoy the LunaCrosslinker™ and a LunaGel™ ECMs kit at AU$3,500 PLUS a 30-minute free consultation with one of our 3D cell culture experts. Find out how the LunaGel™ system could be a great addition to your team today!

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