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No More Animal Testing: Together, we can make animal testing a thing of the past!

The United States Senate has successfully passed the #FDAModernizationAct

An estimated 100 - 150 million animals are euthanized for biomedical R&D purposes every year. Yet, close to 90% of drug candidates that produce promising outcomes in animal experiments fail when tested in humans, putting into question the reliability, value, and ethics of animal models.

The #FDAModernizationAct represents a major step towards abolishing animal testing in biomedical R&D. For the first time, the act allows drug developers to rely on advanced cell-based in vitro models as animal-free alternatives in the pharmaceutical product development pipeline.

Gelomics enables scientists to let go of animal models. Our #LunaGel3DTissueCulture technology allows researchers to grow human-like tissue in a petri dish – easy, cost-effective, reproducible, and most importantly, highly predictive of human biology.

Let’s work together to make animal testing a thing of the past!

Talk to us for a 4 weeks free demo today:

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