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LunaGel Photocrosslinkable Extracellular Matrix - 3D Cell Culture Protocol

Follow the six simple steps in this video to create 3D cell culture models:

  • Heat LunaGel ECM to 37 °C

  • Reconstitute LunaGel photoinitiator in PBS

  • Add LunaGel ECM and photoinitator to your cells and gently mix to resuspend cell pellet

  • Transfer cell suspension into wells

  • Photocrosslink hydrogels in the LunaCrosslinker

  • Add cell culture media and incubate


  • LunaGel™Photocrosslinkable ECM

  • LunaCrosslinker™

  • phosphate-buffered saline

  • cells

  • cell culture media

  • multiwell tissue culture plates

  • micropipettes

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