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Leading Distributor Partnership in Japan's Life Science | KIKO TECH

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Exclusive Japan Distributor Announcement
Exclusive Japan Distributor Announcement

“Japan represents one of the largest life science markets globally and has an impressive track record in biomedical innovation. With KIKO TECH, we have found the ideal partner to further strengthen our position in Japan. This partnership will improve access to Gelomics’ innovative 3D cell culture technology and reduce the requirements for animal experimentation in biomedical research.”

- Dr Christoph Meinert

CEO of Gelomics

Gelomics is pleased to announce a new strategic agreement with Kiko Tech Co., Ltd., effective from August 2022. Kiko Tech will act as Gelomics’ exclusive distributor serving life science customers in the Japan market.

About Gelomics

Founded in 2018, Gelomics is rapidly growing to become a world-leading provider of fully integrated 3D cell, organoid, and tissue culture technologies that drastically improve the translational value of cell-based research and reduce the requirements for animal experimentation.

Gelomics‘ first products series LunaGel™ is a photocrosslinkable cell culture system that recreates the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) surrounding cells in the human body, allowing researchers to grow three-dimensional microscopic tissues, rather than just cells on plastic surfaces. The unique LunaGel™ photocrosslinking technology enables rapid generation of highly biomimetic extracellular microenvironments with the largest range of mechanical tuneability on the market, enabling scientists to replicate the properties of various healthy and diseased tissues.

Learn more about Gelomics’ innovative products and access our product catalogue:

About Kiko Tech

Since its establishment in 1974, KIKO TECH has been partnering with innovative companies worldwide to serve scientists in various fields. President Mr. Muneyoshi Mizuno leads a team of 83 dedicated professionals to provide analytical, medical and life science products to the scientific community in Japan. KIKO TECH is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, with regional offices in Tokyo, Tsukuba, and Kanagawa.

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