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The Best Matrigel Alternative Available



Basement Membrane Extracts?

No mechanical tuneability

❌Batch-to-batch variation

❌Presence of growth factors 

❌Working on ice

❌Supply shortage

❌High costs

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is so much better!


✅Highly tuneable matrix

✅Consistent properties 

✅No growth factors

✅Work at room temperature

✅Readily available

✅Economically priced

3D cell culture has never been easier
Check out some examples of LunaGel in action

Benefits at a glance

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​Tunable Extracellular Matrix

Vary light exposure duration to easily adjust matrix stiffness

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​Consistent Quality

Our manufacturing and quality control procedures ensure consistent properties

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Easy And Fast

Create 3D cell culture models in <15 mins

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Bioactive Motifs

LunaGel™ ECM contains cell-instructive motifs and attachments sites

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The LunaGel™ ECM is compatible with a large variety of cells types

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Proteolytic ​Degradability

Cells can cleave the LunaGel™ ECM


Prepare 3D models in a matter of minutes

See the LunaGel™ video protocol below 

Book a 4-week free demo today

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