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LunaGel™ X-Pure® GelMA 
Photocrosslinkable Extrace
llular Matrix

The GMP-Ready Solution for 3D Bioprinting, Tissue Engineering, and Regenerative Medicine

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LunaGel™ X-Pure® GelMA is the first GMP-ready hydrogel designed to revolutionize the field of tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, and regenerative medicine. With its ultra-low endotoxicity and high batch-to-batch consistency, LunaGel™ X-Pure® GelMA ensures reproducible results for clinical translation.


With LunaGel™ X-Pure® GelMA, researchers and medical professionals can take advantage of its highly tuneable biophysical properties and biocompatibility to develop biological constructs with tuneable mechanical properties and customised geometries. Contact us today to learn more about how LunaGel™ X-Pure® GelMA can help transform your research and clinical applications.


This kit contains enough LunaGel™ to create a total volume of 10 mL/7.5 mL hydrogel.


  • 5 mL LunaGel™ ECM (2x solution, sterile)

  • 5 vials of photoinitiator (freeze-dried, sterile)

  • Low stiffness (0 - 6.5 kPa), 10ml

  • High stiffness (0 - 25 kPa), 7.5ml


Product Data Sheet:

  • SKU0017 Porcine Skin Gelatin, High Stiffness

  • SKU0018 Porcine Skin Gelatin, Low Stiffness

Application Note:

LunaGel™ X-Pure® GelMA Safety Data Sheet​


  • No heating or cooling required.

  • Photocrosslinking technology allows highly controlled mechanical properties.

  • High Bioactivity (cell attachment, proteolytic degradation).

  • Compatible with automated liquid handling.

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LunaGel™ ECMs Application

Check out some examples of LunaGel™ in action

Advantages Of LunaGel™ X-Pure® GelMA


LunaGel™ X-Pure® GelMA exhibits one of the lowest endotoxin levels on the market, making it ideal for in vivo use


batch-to-batch consistency

Ensures reproducible results for clinical translation and high-throughput cell culture.

Tuneable biophysical properties

By adjusting the Degree of Modification (DoM) and Molecular Weight (MW), hydrogel stiffness and degradation can be customised for any application.


LunaGel™ X-Pure® GelMA is biocompatible, biodegradable, and exhibits high cell-interactivity.


Get To Know LunaGel™ X-Pure In 120 Seconds

See the LunaGel™ X-Pure video below
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