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Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA) – Fish

This GelMA product is based on Cold Water Fish Skin Gelatin which has been functionalized with photocrosslinkable methacryloyl groups. Compared to mammalian gelatin-based matrices, solutions of Fish GelMA are less viscous and liquid at room temperature, making it extremely easy to use without heating or cooling. Fully compatible with automated liquid handling.

Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA) – Porcine, 1g, lyophilized 2.png

Product Info

Due to its unmatched tuneability and bioactivity, GelMA is very popular as a biomaterial in tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, and 3D cell culture applications. Can be used by itself, or blended with other materials to create your own individual printable extracellular matrix.

GelMA is supplied as a sterile freeze-dried product. Reconstitute GelMA in PBS or HEPES buffer at the concentration to suit your application and mix it with a photoinitiator to make your hydrogels photocrosslinkable and stable at body temperature.

Download Fish GelMA SDS Safety Data Sheet


his kit contains 1 gram freeze-dried, sterile GelMA.


  • Appearance: White to off-white freeze-dried material

  • Sterility: Sterile

  • Bloom: 300

  • Animal source: Bovine gelatin (type B)

  • Degree of methacrylation: 75 – 85%


  • Solutions are liquid at temperatures of over 4 °C

  • High bioactivity

  • Cell attachment

  • Proteolytic degradation

  • Automation compatible

How it works

Create physiological cell culture models in 15 min

How it works schematic_270721-01.jpg
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