Gelomics is an Australian company founded in 2018 by four experienced hydrogel researchers. We founded Gelomics to provide the highest quality hydrogel experience and competitive prices for researchers taking their studies into the third dimension.




Dr. Peter Levett (

completed his joint PhD from Queensland University of Technology and University Medical Centre Utrecht in 2016. He is highly experienced with hydrogels from synthesis through to 3D printing and long-term mechanical and biological studies. His work on GelMA and related hydrogels has been influential in the tissue engineering field.

Dr. Christoph Meinert (

completed his PhD in bioengineering from Queensland University of Technology in 2017. In addition to his expertise in hydrogel cultures that span many different cell types, Christoph has led the development of key technologies that enable 3D cell culture. 

Additional Founders

Associate Professor Travis Klein (

earned his PhD in bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in 2005. His hydrogel experience goes back to the early days of his PhD, with alginate, and he has continued working with a range of hydrogels since then including GelMA and others with his students and post-doctoral researchers. He has significant expertise in biomaterials and tissue engineering. 

Distinguished Professor Dietmar Hutmacher (

is a global leader in regenerative medicine and additive biomanufacturing. He was one of the earliest developers of polymer scaffolds for medical applications, and leads several research areas including 3D cancer models, scaffold technologies, and bone tissue engineering.


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